Rishon LeZion Tournament

The Rishon LeZion tournament opened in 2013 and is the second oldest of all (after Rehovot tournament). It serves of course the lowland area.

The tournaments in Rishon are held at "Anna restaurant", located at 16 Maccabim st. Admission fee is 250NIS all included.

Tournament Schedule:

07:30PM We meet, first buffet round and table assignments.
08:00PM The tournament starts.
10:30PM Break.
01:30AM Estimated ending time.
This tournament is a Freeze-out tournament, once you lose there is no option for rebuy. Every first 20% to win in each tournament will automatically get a chance to attend the "Aluf Haalufim tournament".

What's on the menu?

Drinks bar:
Soft drinks and hot beverages all evening.
Two bears (Heineken or Goldstar) or wine for each player.

Food bar:

  • Tomato salad
  • Green beans
  • Hummus
  • Bread and dips
  • Potatoes
  • Pickles
  • Kabab
  • Schnitzels

What next?

For more information on the registration process and frequently asked questions: click here.

Award examples (for 70 players):

#1 place: Vacation to the Grand Live Poker Tour in Malta, transportation, a tour guide and breakfast & bed included. or Playstation 4, or LG G4 smartphone, or a Haier 40' LED screen.
#2 place: A pampering couples vacation to dolphin village, or a Philips voice projector, or a Combo poker kit including a top for 10 players + a 300 pcs. "Monte Carlo" chips case + Copag cards.
#3 place: A couples spa package + a pair of golden earrings, or a Philips docking station, or a high quality TIME FORCE watch (worn by Christiano ronaldo, Refael Nadal and more...).
#5 place: A "Monte Carlo" clay chips case with 300 pcs.
#6 place: A round top for 8 players, or a "Star" clay chips case with 300 pcs.
#7 place: A 12 years old Glenlivet whisky, or a hologram chips case, 300 pcs.
#8 place for the loosing table: Free ticket for the next tournament.

For any other questions, we would be happy to assist you during operation times by phone or Facebook. errors and omissions excepted.

טורניר ראשון לציון
טורניר ראשון לציון
טורניר ראשון לציון