Naharya Tournament:

Naharya branch is one of our newest ones, it was opened during summer of 2016 and was meant to allow the residents of the north-west area to join us.

We found a magical place called "Kakal 10", in Kakal 10 st., Naharya, where we receive a kings welcoming. We arrive to Naharya branch twice a month. Admission fee is 250NIS all included.

Tournament Schedule:

07:30PM We meet, first buffet round and table assignments.
08:00PM The tournament starts.
10:30PM Break.
01:30AM Estimated ending time.

What's on the menu?

Drinks bar:
Soft drinks and hot beverages all evening.
Two bears (Heineken or Goldstar) or wine for each player.

Food bar:

  • Green salad
  • Vegetables and dips
  • Pizzas
  • Pasta with cream / tomato sauce

What next?

For more information on the registration process and frequently asked questions: click here.

Award examples (for 70 players):

#1 place: Vacation to the Poker Masters event in Hamburg, Germany, or vacation to IPC event in Vienna, or Electric bicycle, or Playstation 4 with 2 remotes and FIFA16, or LG G5 smart phone, or a 1.00*2.00*4.00 pool ultra frame by Intex, including a pump and ladder.
#2 place: A couples' vacation in Israel, or a round 76*366 Intex pool, or a combo poker kit which includes a 10 player top + 300 pcs. chip case + Copag's great high quality cards, or a or a tablet, or a Michael Kors hand watch.
#3 place: A couples spa package + a pear of golden earrings, or a poker table for 10 (water resistant felt), or computer speakers by Logitech, model Z443 2.1.
#4 place: Time Force hand watch (worn by Christiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal and more...), or a "Pro" clay chips case with 500 pcs
#5 place: A hologram chips case with 300 pcs + Copag Peek cards, or an 8 players top.
#6 place: A 12 years old Glenlivet whisky, or 2 pokers shirts from the 2016 summer collection.
#7 place for the losing table: Free ticket for the next tournament. The losing table consists of the first 9 people to lose.

For any other questions, we would be happy to assist you during operation times by phone or Facebook. errors and omissions excepted.