How to register?

So you decided you want to put your skills to the test in the Israeli Poker Tour in front of tens of players? Cool, now you need to know how to get there.

There are a few ways to register:

  • Please state the location of the desired turnament.
  • By dialing 052-594-9995 on Sunday to Thursday between 12PM to 08:00PM (weekdays only).
  • By texting your full name and cell phone to the same number (phone number is required only if it's your first time)
  • By sending your personal info to our Facebook inbox on Pedro Poker Tour. For example: Israel Israeli, for Rehovot turnament, 052-222-2222

What next?

Within 24 hours (Excluding weekends) you will recieve a register confirmation. On the day of the event, between 02PM to 04PM you will recieve a text message with the turnament address, starting time and RSVP request. Please RSVP until 05PM exactly. A player who will not RSVP until that time, is considered as cancelled.


Can I register a friend?

Yes. You can register up to 3 players in one message, as long as they have all been to one of our turnaments before and have a player card.

What happens if I registered, confiremed my arrival and didn't show up?

Your name enters the suspended list and you can no longer register to our turnaments.

Up until when can I cancel my registration?

Until 05PM the day of the turnament.

If a friend I registered can't come, can I register another friend instead?

No. We have a waiting list, incase there is an opening we contact players from the list.

What is a late registration?

A late registration is popular in poker, it's when two players enter the turnament within the first two steps in the blind round (excluding cases in which the turnament manager decided otherwise). After registration to a late turnament, you arrive at the turnament at the starting time, wait for players to drop from the turnament and enter in their place. Usually it's 10%-20% of the total amount of players.